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Lindsay C. Barry grew up in the only town in Pennsylvania. She developed her love of reading and writing at a young age, and even more so when she stumbled upon a magical world called Narnia.


With her mother as her high school English teacher, and drama teacher...and creative writing teacher, writing was ingrained in Lindsay's upbringing. Graduating from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Communication, Lindsay started her career in the advertising world where she helped manage accounts.


During an internship, she may or may not have dressed up as a strawberry and run around a baseball field (she was hired after that internship so it was worth it).


Later, Lindsay switched career paths and worked as an executive assistant in an executive search firm. The best day of work was meeting Robert Redford and having him say, "Oh hi Lindsay!"


During her time living in Washington, D.C., Lindsay met her future husband and three years later they welcomed their first son. Two years and two days later, they welcomed their second son (and decided two boys made their family complete).


Now with two boys, two cats, two guppies with ever-changing names and one red Beta fish named Goldie, Lindsay considers herself a Mom-Trepreneur and expert good night story reader.


Her sons' love of trains and outer space and her love of getting them to go to sleep inspired her first children's book, Journey to Constellation Station.


...and she still loves visiting her hometown of Bloomsburg, especially during Fair season where she can be found in line for a potato pancake at the green stand. It's a Bloomsburg thing.

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Lindsay C. Barry, Author

Jamin has loved teddy bears, cats, and space exploration for as long as he can remember. On most days you can find him in his basement bastion, alongside a creepy cardboard castle and a ladylike llama wearing a spotless space suit. He lives in magnificent Maryland — where he is always close to one of his favorite facilities, the National Air and Space Museum — with his wonderful wife, his dynamic dog, and his two cheeky, chatty, and charming children. 

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